DownlineSense Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for

All subscribers,collectively called 'members' or 'affiliates' are bound by these terms and conditions.Subscribers are those who have completed our registration form,and joined the website to use it for building internet marketing opportunities/businesses and/or taking our netmarketing training program and/or posting ads in any of our ad tools offered here or through partner website(s). By joining our website you are agreeing that we should send you information regarding our program or any other program that could benefit you.

All affiliates must be of legal age allowed to engage in income earning activities in their Country.


50% commission on ad packages purchased by your direct referrals, subject to the conditions stated below.

Daily commission payment.

No minimum balance.

You can cash out any commission amount, but make sure your payment processing fee will not swallow it, so that you get a net credit balance.

For convenience our Admin will routinely payout any earning from $25 to the commission account you set up..

No retention of commission balance in our system

No refund on ad package purchased.

Payment of the referral commission is only made through payment processors listed on our website when it reaches the required minimum.So you can request for your commission at any time,provided it has accumulated to the minimum attached to the commission or bonus type by sending a mailto: Each member will bear transaction charges for processing the commission transfer to his account on record. Those who do not have account can use the link 'Payment Processor'in the members area to open a free account,and update payout form with required account details. Failure to complete the payout form with account details means the member can not get commission or bonus.

This feature is disabled for now until further notice..

You will bear the processor withdrawal  transaction processing fee

No spamming is allowed.If we receive any report of spamming,your account will be deleted,and you will forfeit any claim to previouly accrued commission or bonus.

(a)All members can cancel membership at any time,but they must send in cancellation in writing and receive acknowledgment for it to be valid. Requests for termination of account should be addressed to: (b) The owners of reserve the right to terminate membership of any affiliate who violates these terms and conditions.If the owners exercise their discretion to terminate the membership of any affiliate member,the termination shall be communicated by email to the member at the latest email address on our record.Such affiliate member shall, therefore,cease to represent him/herself as affiliate member of The member so terminated forfeits all accrued commission or bonus earnings.

Affiliate members shall not promote,its services,the company's name,trade mark,trade name,logos,copyrighted materials,except in the form approved by the company.Approved marketing formats may be supplied from time to time. Affiliate members shall not give false information about and its services or the opportunity. does not pay any member for no effort.

All liabilities for taxes and record keeping will be the sole responsibility of each member,excepts affiliates who reside in our country of operation, where we will have to comply with relevant laws on taxes.

(a) The owners reserve the right to change or amend its fees,surcharge on commission disbursement made by this website,its policies and procedures,terms and conditions,and such changes or amendments are deemed to be incorporated in this agreement between the owners and the members. (b) The laws of the owner's country shall govern the terms and conditions of this membership agreement and any dispute arising.Any litigation ,claim or lawsuit directly or indirectly arising out of or related to the membership agreement,any terms thereof or the relationship created thereby shall be instituted exclusively in the courts whether Federal or State of the of the owner's country.The parties have accepted that this agreement and the related documents be drafted in English.

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