DownlineSense Anti-Spam Policy

DownlineSense is committed to providing valuable service to our members. We will show zero tolerance to spam. We will do our best to discourage spam by setting out strict rules on any spam-related activity. To report spam-related activity, email our support. Please include a copy of the e-mail with full message headers or newsgroup message.
Together we can fight spam.

What is spam?
Spam is unsolicited e-mail sent to someone without their consent. This also includes, but is not limited to public chat areas and unrelated forum or newsgroup postings.

Our Anti-Spam Policy
Any members that Spam will have their membership cancelled immediately, will forfeit all of their DownlineSense downline, and will be ineligible for a new account. Any form of spam promoting this site ruins the image and reputation of all responsible members. For this reason, we will take immediate action against anyone who violates this policy.

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